Student Project Funding

Student Sustainability Project Funding

The Sustainability Committee has $10,000 each fiscal year to fund student sustainability projects at FIU. Project funding is available to any FIU student or group of students with a GPA of 2.5 or above. If you are interested in applying for funding please read through the instructions and guidelines document below. Please contact the office for guidance through the application process. or (305) 348-3717.


Projects funded in the past: 

Sweetwater Beautification Project - The installation of trash cans and recycling bins along 109 Avenue near off-campus student housing strengthens the partnership between FIU and the City of Sweetwater. The project effectively to reduces the amount of litter present on the street and raises awareness on the positive benefits of recycling.

Sweetwater Home Energy Workshop

FIU Organic Garden Educational Signs
Architecture - Interior Design Eco Database
FIU Earth Week 2011 - Having the FIU Sustainability Committee sponsor FIU Earth Week is the perfect opportunity to spread the word about sustainability. Earth Week will introduce the FIU community to the benefits of thinking green and taking direct action to help create of culture of sustainability. Getting the word out and promoting the advantages of sound environmental solutions is the first step on FIU’s path towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.
Panthers for Powershift - The committee sponsored FIU students to attend Power Shift 2011 in Washington, DC from April 15th-18th 2011. This conference will empower them with the tools and knowledge needed to become leaders in the environmental sustainability movement in the campus, local, and national communities.
FIU Free Bike Repair Shop - The FIU Bike Repair Service provides convenient, efficient, and cost free maintenance for FIU students while promoting bicycling as a legitimate and clean form of transportation. By providing the aid and incentives necessary for students to commute carbon free this service will help put FIU on path toward a bike-friendly, sustainable future. The free Bike Repair Shop is available at the Farmer’s Market on Wednesdays.
Kill-A-Watt - A competition between the dorms on campus to reduce energy. The premise was to create an initiative that would help the university reduce energy consumption, save money, and better their environmental quality. Residents in each dorm competed against the other buildings to reduce their electrical consumption by the greatest percentage. The savings were compared to a baseline average of that building’s energy consumption from previous years. I.D.E.A.S. sponsored workshops each week in the dorms to show students how they can reduce their energy consumption. Prizes and incentives were given out to participants and the winning dorm received a trophy and a pizza party. Over the two month competition over $4,000 was saved.
FIU Nature Preserve - Every semester various Environmental Studies classes and others bring their students out to the FIU Nature Preserve in order to learn about and work with our natural environment. The Nature Preserve Manager oversees the classes and volunteers coming into the preserve. The volunteers are there to help remove exotic invasive species, clear trails, and plant native species. Over the years, some of the tools used to do this have broken and gone missing. The Sustainability Committee funded the purchase of new tools for the Nature Preserve Manager to use with the volunteers.