Food & Wellness


FIU Organic Farmers Market

Every Wednesday during the Fall and Spring semesters there is an Organic Farmers Market in the center of campus. The completely student run market is put on by the FIU Organic Farmers Market Consortium, which is made up of various student groups at FIU. Items featured at the market include fresh produce from the FIU Organic Garden on campus, produce from local farms, local organic honey, baked goods, hand made soaps, smoothies, sandwiches, and salads. Take part in the weekly food demonstrations, yoga workshops, and educational tables. Currently the market is set up on Modesto Maidique Campus, between Primera Casa and the Green Library, by the fountain, at the red brick wall by the library from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Wednesdays. For more information contact:

Vegan, Vegetarian & Organic Options

The demand for healthier dining options like vegan and organic food has increased over the last few years. FIU has responded by providing more healthy options in many of the different food venues on campus. Check out the Vegan and Vegetarian Options link in the right-hand column. 


Aramark has taken the initiative toward making the dining experience on campus more sustainable at all of their campus venues. Some of the initiatives they have started include recycling the old coffee grounds to be used as fertilizer around campus and removing trays to save water. For a complete listing of initiatives download the Aramark Sustainability initiatives document.


Student Health Services

Wellness is about trying to find a balance, on a daily basis, between all of our competing interests, while remaining content, focused and at peace. We all lead very fast paced and complicated lives. We have school, work, friends, family, etc. They all require our time, energy and attention. Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what to pay attention to first. FIU Student Health Services provides many programs to help you with everything from massage and meditation to psychological counseling and sex-ed. 

Smoke Free Campus

In January 2011 FIU officially became a Tobacco & Smoke Free Campus. The Breathe Easy Tobacco & Smoke Free Campus ordinance was passed thanks to the dedication and hard work of the FIU Healthy University Task Force. 

Outdoors @ FIU

FIU has a beautiful campus that provides many opportunities to enjoy the out-of-doors once you get outside of the classroom. In addition to on-campus amenities like: tennis/sand volleyball/basketball courts, swimming pools, intramural fields, and the Nature Preserve, there are local resources that can be experienced and utilized as well (e.g. Tamiami Park, Everglades National Park, mountain biking trails, and nearby beaches). Find out more by visiting the website.

FIU Bike Shop

FIU Recreation Services manages an FIU Bike Shop on campus, dedicated to serving our student population with above average service at below average prices. More than just a repair shop, the FIU Bike Shop is the central location for all things bike-related on campus - from safe biking workshops, to classes on personal bicycle mechanics, to learning about local and national resources on bicycling, including riding groups and events.

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