The Office of University Sustainability and a faculty working group developed a working definition of sustainability in the curriculum that was used for the AASHE STARS report. After developing a definition, the course catalog was examined to classify courses into three categories; sustainability related, sustainability focused, or neither. After identifying those, emails were sent to the chairs and professors of the different academic departments to affirm these courses and contribute any that may have been missed. In order for a course to be classified sustainability focused, the professors who taught that class were asked if all three aspects of sustainability are covered in that class, and a syllabus was attained for verification. If the working group classified a course as focused, but the professor could not be contacted or a syllabus could not be attained it was then put into the related category.

Sustainability in the Curriculum Definition

Undergraduate Sustainability Courses

Undergraduate Courses That Include Sustainability

Graduate Sustainability Courses

Graduate Courses That Include Sustainability

For a more comprehensive list of classes, including class descriptions, please refer to the University Course Catalog.

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