Green Spotlight

Green Spotlight

 Know anyone who is going the extra mile to go green? The Green Spotlight monthly series will highlight one individual, office, or group that is working toward advancing sustainability on campus. Winners will receive recognition on our website and monthly newsletter and a gift bag. To nominate an individual or group please email and use subject title “Green Spotlight”.


January 2017

Parking & Transportation

This month's winner of our Green Spotlight series is the Department of Parking & Transportation! Parking has recently purchased new FIU Panther Movers, manufactured by Cruise Car, that utilize a Electronic Fuel Injected (EFI) Engine. This engine was designed with the environment in mind, providing increased fuel economy with its Cold Starting Ignition & “No-Idle” design to prevent the vehicle from needlessly wasting fuel while sitting idle at stop lights. The Cruise Car engine no longer requires an oil filter, which reduces the environmental impact of the vehicle by 33%, while simultaneously improving reliability. Congratulations P&T!

February 2017

Housing & Residential Life's Facilities

This month's Green Spotlight feature is the Housing & Residential Life's Facilities Office! Administrative Operations Manager, Janet Branch, has been committed to making recycling a breeze with the addition of dozens of new miniature paired trash and recycling bins. Clearly marked signage eliminates any confusion about what's recyclable! Not only do these adorable new bins offer more recycling receptacles in Housing common areas but are also made of recycled milk jugs. These Max-R bins are custom made from 97% Type-2 HDPE recycled plastic. Way to go Housing Facilities!

March 2017

Athletic Facilities & Operations

This month's Green Spotlight feature is FIU Athletics Facilities & Operations! Athletics recently upgraded the lights at the baseball fields with new LED bulbs. These bulbs significantly lower energy consumption, while reducing the environmental impact of spill light and glare.