Sustainability Committee

President Mark Rosenberg appointed the Sustainability Committee in January of 2010. The committee is uniquely comprised of an equal number of students, faculty, and staff. 

Spring 2017 Sustainability Committee Members


Rolando Martinez, Student Government Association- Modesto Maidique Campus, Sustainability Chair

Michelle Poletti, GLADES President           

Rosemary Hannah, Student Government Association- Biscayne Bay Campus, Sustainability Rep                      

Carlos Formoso, VP ASCE Club  



Peter Craumer, Associate Professor, Department of Global and Sociocultural Studies

Hector R. Fuentes, Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

John Stuart, Professor, Department Chair, School of Architecture

Ebru Ozer, Associate Professor, College of Architecture + The Arts

Carlos Parra, Clinical Professor, Department of Marketing, College of Business



Nick DiCiacco, Senior Director, Facilities Management

Julissa Castellanos, Director of Operations, Vice Provost's Office

El Pagnier Hudson, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources

Kelly Loll, Director, Purchasing, Office of the Controller

Eric Arneson, Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs


Committee Chair Tom Hartley, Director, Parking and Transportation

Ex-Officio Ali Dutton, Sustainability Manger, Office of University Sustainability


The committee’s main charge is to recommend policies and procedures to the President regarding the integration of environmental sustainability into its operations, education, research, and outreach. 

Upon its creation the committee established 15 Guiding Principles for FIU Sustainability. These principles help more clearly define the committee’s intent concerning different areas.