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Everglades National Park

Two internship opportunities are available working in the Everglades National Park in the area of Environmental Education. Flexible and for six months starting in October at $15/hour PLUS a transportation stipend.

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Dream in Green

Karla Utting, Executive Director

Dream in Green assist diverse organizations, including schools, households, local governments and businesses to reduce their environmental footprint. Through establishing partnerships in our community, they develop, implement and oversee educational programs and workshops that promote environmentally sustainable behaviors among all age groups, with a particular emphasis on K-12 students. Volunteers and interns can assist with and support Dream in Green's programs such as the Green Schools Challange and WE Lab in local K-12 schools. 

What is an Eco-Hub? DIG’s Green Leadership Grants for Eco-Hubs are designed to support green teams in creating or transforming an area of their school into a vibrant ‘green’ educational space that incorporates elements related to The Academy’s monthly topics. Green Teams can propose to improve or create an indoor or outdoor area of the school that will be an educational hub where students gather to learn about the environment, raise awareness about its associated challenges, and come up with hands-on solutions. The students will work as a team, learn about communication strategies and develop leadership capabilities in executing a project which can have a long-lasting impact at the school and in their prospective professional careers. Parallel to these transformational experiences, students learn about financing their projects, budget management, and project sustainability.

Opportunity for University Students: The winning Green Teams (5th to 12th grade students) will be paired up with University students from local universities to bring their projects to fruition. University students must commit a certain number of hours a month to meet and help the Green Teams complete the project. Contact: Sophia Salver, 786-574-4909 and Mabel A. Rodriguez


Food Forests for Schools, The Education Funddef

Eddie Recinos, Senior Program Manager

Food Forests for Schools (formerly EGI) uses edible gardens and food forests as outdoor learning laboratories in Miami-Dade County public elementary schools to instill in children the desire to eat nutritious food while learning to care for the environment. Students learn a curriculum based on Florida State Standards through hands-on production of edible gardens and food forests. Meanwhile, families and other members of the community work in the gardens and attend healthy cooking and gardening workshops. Opportunities to volunteer in educational programs.


deeringlogoDeering Estate

Chris Bumpus, Learning Programs Manager

Located along the edge of Biscayne Bay, the 444-acre Deering Estate at Cutler is an environmental, archaeological and historical preserve. From canoe tours to butterfly walks and guided nature hikes, the Deering Estate has diverse activities for the whole family to enjoy. The Deering Estate is also a cultural and educational facility that features classes and programs for children and adults, teacher training and research opportunities. Various internship opportunities as well as paid Summer Camp Counselor positions available.

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FIU Agroecology Programfiuagro

Eric Betancourt, Program Coordinator

The Florida International University's Agroecology Program is a comprehensive program that integrates science-based education, research and outreach in the area of agriculture and natural resources. The program focuses on the interface between agriculture, natural ecosystems and urban development and consists of specialized undergraduate agroecology courses, field trips, summer internships, graduate fellowships, and training workshops for university students and high school teachers.

aquariusrfAquarius Reef Base

Catherine Guinovart, Student Education and Outreach Coordinator

At FIU, students and faculty are able to visit, teach, and conduct research from the depths of the ocean through actual and virtual field trips at the undersea lab and their coral reef study sites. Aquarius also features the Teacher Under the Sea program, which provides unique experiential learning opportunities to engage today’s explorers and tomorrow’s problem-solvers.

Everglades Restoration Movement



ermlogoBrielle Murch

To facilitate and participate in the salvation of the Everglades hammocks, marshes, sloughs and forests, by mobilizing volunteers to physically remove invasive, destructive exotic plant and tree species continuing to destroy this already endangered ecosystem. Establish land acquisition and preservation programs, buying undeveloped land within the Big Cypress, Kissimmee and Everglades ecosystems, restoring these invaluable preserves to connect the entire bioscape.




crflogoCoral Restoration Foundation

Roxane Boostra, Recreational Dive Program Manager

Through propagation techniques, tens of thousands of corals are grown and maintained in multiple offshore coral tree nurseries before being outplanted strategically on reefs allowing them to continue on a path to natural recovery. With the help of students, volunteers, scientists, and donors, our corals are successfully raised until they are “reef-ready”, outplanted onto the reef, and monitored. Our innovative techniques are scalable and they are making a difference for our oceans. Students and researchers can propose research projects through the science program or help teach on marine and conservation topics through the educational programs. Internships and volunteering opportunities available.



Chris Gillette, Biologist

Python hunting, tegu tracking, lionfish collection, chameleon documentation, and underwater marine and freshwater photography. Live animal educational exhibitions and demonstrations designed for K-12 and university audiences on the subject of South Florida wildlife and threats to our ecosystems from invasive species. Opportunities to volunteer in herpetofaunal surveys.  




Eric Gonzalez, FIU Student

Practitioner and trainer in permaculture design techniques and technologies for sustainable agriculture and living. Opportunities to volunteer in permaculture landscape projects. Affiliated with the Muni Permaculture Farms in Homestead Florida.



Citizens for a Better South Floridacbsflogo

Raquel Martinez, Program Assistant

Citizens for a Better South Florida is dedicated to providing environmental education, particularly to the under-served community, which inspires active stewardship & preservation of the environment through community initiatives. Volunteer opportunities in tree planting, habitat restoration, and educational programs.




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