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Applications open to ALL panthers. Internships may be completed for volunteer hours or academic credit. Many academic programs require a semester-long internship for graduation. Academic internships need to be coordinated with your academic advisor before the internship begins. Volunteer internships require a minimum of 5 hours with no more than 40 hours per week. FIU student interns cannot work in excess of 20 hours per week. Hours are flexible. As an intern, you will gain valuable work experience, have the opportunity to network, and develop new skills. To apply please download and fill out the application at the bottom of the page and email it to along with your current/upcoming  semester schedule.


Communications Internship  -  Summer and Fall 2019 positions open

Creative interns will support our outreach objectives through social media and monthly newsletters. The communications intern will maintain our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr accounts through regular, and engaging posts. The communications intern will also assist with the scheduling of themed posts and event promotion. The communications intern will also draft and distribute monthly GoGreen newsletter that highlights events, job opportunities, and topical information. 


Outreach and Events Internship  - Summer and Fall 2019  positions open

Organized interns will assist in the with planning, promotion, and execution of events held by the GoGreen team. The Outreach and Events interns will work closely with the Communications interns to promote events through social media. Must be willing to attend some events on nights or weekends. Outreach and Events interns should have the drive to collaborate with internal and external organizations, including but not limited to student organizations, external nonprofits, and program donors. 


Graphic Design Internship  - Summer and Fall 2019 positions open

Talented interns will provide support for the GoGreen team via the creation of graphics. Graphics such as the creation of infographics, logos, flyers, banners, and general office pamphlets. Internships are generally a minimum of 5 hours a week and will provide a great opportunity for design students to add to their portfolio. Grapgic design interns should be able to thrive in dynamic fast paced environments. 
Waste Minimization Internship - Summer and Fall 2019 positions open
Passionate interns will have the opportunity to work on a wide variety of waste reduction initiatives including recycling, reuse and composting. The Waste Minimization intern will also have the opportunity to develop outreach efforts through social media and tabling. 

FIU Urban Green Space Internship Program  - Summer and Fall 2019 positions open

Motivated interns will contribute to the growing green movement on campus. Under general supervision, the intern will assist in the management, restoration, and expansion of FIU’s urban green space initiative. The intern will take part in beautification projects across campus that help connect corridors for biodiversity while learning many aspects of landscape analysis, design, planning, installation, and care. Previous projects include Pollinator Gardens (Fall 2016 - Spring 2017) and Lot 3 (Fall 2017). Upcoming projects include other lots and the FIU Solar House demonstration garden. $1,000 scholarship granted for the completion of 100 hours volunteered, throughout the semester. Background or demonstrated interest in natural spaces and green infrastructure preferred.


Nature Preserve Internship - Summer and Fall 2019 positions open

Through hands-on field experience, interns will learn about and contribute to the enhancement of our campus through the restoration of our Pine Rockland, which recently underwent a prescribed burn, the improvement of our thriving hardwood hammocks, and the expansion of our butterfly gardens. Students will also gain a valuable experience and learn skills in leadership and time management by assisting the Naturalist in running volunteer days and guided tours. Be a part of this great experience and join our green team! The internship requires at least 5 hours a week to be dedicated to the position. Fill out the application below and email



STARS Ambassador Program  - Summer and Fall 2019 positions open

The Office of University Sustainability is seeking a self-motivated and organized intern to assist with the FIU STARS Report. This report requires basic knowledge of sustainability and environmental topics and the ability to communicate effectively. Intern will assist by meeting with different stakeholders around campus to gather sustainability information and input it into the report. The intern may also help develop programs needed to receive further points on the report.


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