Solar House Donors

The FIU 2011 Solar Decathlon Team and the Office of University Sustainable extends its sincerest gratitude to the following companies and individuals for their openhanded support of the PerFORM[D]ance House.

Thank you for partnering with Florida International University and making this extraordinary project and this learning experience possible! Together we will assure a more sustainable future for our community and our world. 

Our Consultants

Skanska- General Contractor of Record, Construction Manager of Record
 Jorge | Alfonso | Mike

MC Harry Associates 
Architect of Record Jim | Craig

project CAINE

Bliss & Nyitray, Inc

PMM Consulting Engineers 
Structural Engineer of Record Paul

Stage Level Donors

Florida International University 
Financial and infrastructural support: This couldn’t have been done without them!

US Department of Energy | Solar Decathlon | NREL 
They are the entities whose financial and technical support have made this extraordinary experience possible

FIU College of Architecture + The Arts
 Financial and infrastructural support: This couldn’t have been done without them!

FIU Office of University Sustainability
 PerFORM[D]ance House will become the newest and only LEED Platinum campus structure at FIU –and our Office of University Sustainability. 
Carrie | Ali

Nana Wall
 The north, east and west elevations of our house can open to invite the outside in! NanaWall systems make this flexibility possible. 


Orchestra Level Donors

 Have made the entire control system of the house possible, allowing us to monitor and respond to the changing conditions and needs of our house and its residents. They’ve trained our Decathlete team members and provided our equipment.

Mezzanine Level Donors

IKEA Sunrise 
Made the entire interior of the PerFORM[D]ance House possible: Casework, kitchen, bedroom –and even storage, furnishings and accessories are all generously donated by IKEA Sunrise.

Solar US 
One of our earliest sponsors, providing our entire solar hot water evacuated tube system. 

National Roofing Company and IEA Engineers 
together provided the 2-part roof for our house, AND designed, built and installed our PV rack system.
 Quincy | Eyor

Steel Fabricators 
Fabricated and delivered the demountable steel frame of our house and outriggers.

Hypower Energy Group 
Our electricians and PV consultants have helped make all our systems run accurately and efficiently. 
Julio | Felipe | Chino

Provided the material for our entire exterior metal panel system. 

Harrison Crane

Brambiers and Barrisol
 Provided materials and installation assistance for our magical stretch fabric ceilings.


First Balcony Level Donors

Perkins + Will Miami 
Introduced us to many of our sponsors and generously supported Team FIU with attention, funding, and expertise.

Southeast Mechanical Provided equipment and complete installation for our 2 ductless ceiling-mounted units. 

The south wall –materials and installation: Insulated, impact resistant windows, glass mechanical room doors are courtesy of CGI.


Rightaway Plumbing installed permanent and movable water systems in our house 
Tim | Horacio

American Hardwoods
 Provided our engineered wood flooring system. 

Zager Plumbing and Solar, Inc.

Norte Automation

GlassWorks Multimedia
 Their advice and assistance made it possible for us to tell our story.

Cooper Lighting

Decks and Docks

Universal Drywall 
Provided light gage framing and drywall. Lotspeich


Second Balcony Level Donors

USGBC South Florida Chapter
 Their financial support has helped us move forward!

The Miami Chapter of American Institute of Architects
 They have introduced us to many area professional consultants who have been invaluable to our work.

Turner Construction 
Their financial support has helped us move forward!

M2E Consulting Engineers

The Realization Group

FIU Student Government Association 
They have supported student travel throughout the Solar Decathlon competition

Spine 3D 
Provided consultation on our digital walk-through

Whole Foods 
Supported our team with food for our groundbreaking ceremony

Abney & Abney 
Are our LEED consultants and raters

E3 Building Sciences

Home Automation
 Provided our lighting controls


Miller Legg
 Provided surveying equipment and training for our team.

Florida Foundation for Architecture
 A generous grant is providing financial support


Momentum Group

Provided materials to customize our built-in furnishings


Florida Lumber
 Assisted us with plywood



Waste Services, Inc.

Tigo Energy

Intertape Polymer Group
 Provided materials for wrapping and taping

FIU Academic Sound and Image

FIU Online

All American Builders

M.A Design and Building


Lighting Science

Magnum Building Products

E-mon Energy Monitoring Products


Apogee Enterprises

 Provided all our joist hangers and straps for the exterior deck

Protech Caulking and Waterproofing 
Provided caulking and waterproofing for our metal panel system

Prieto Painting
 Provided interior and exterior paint for our project

Home Depot 
Has supported our project financially and donated tools, materials, and equipment

Calusa Glass
 Provided the glass the partition for the shower

AW Smith
 Provided the foundations for our house

JAG Contract Flooring
 Provided installation for our wood floors

Sunset Engineering 
Engineered the operable louver panels

Bachiller Ironworks
 Fabricated our operable louver panels

Sunbelt Equipment 
Provided forklift equipment for the construction of our house


Additional Sponsors

Dr. Douglas Wartzok, Provost

AIAS FIU Chapter

Leon Alvarez

Frank Perez

Divina Grossman, PhD

Alpha Rho Chi- Chaper

Theresa Madonna

Martha C. Ruiz

Dr. Tonja Moore

Marilys Nepomechie

Joe & Rose Madonna

Dr. David Rifkind

BC Architects

Stacey Mazzacco

USGBC Student Group

Shiraz Kashar

Regina Bailey + Michael Spring

Marianne Lamonaca

Manny Diana