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Frequency Asked Questions


Question: Where does FIU get its energy from?

Answer: FIU purchases the majority of its energy from Florida Power & Light (FPL), just like you do at home. Learn more

Question: How much energy does FIU use, and how much does it cost?

Answer: Check out the FIU Energy Usage Spreadsheet.

Question: What type of fuel produces FIU's energy?

Answer: Since FIU purchases its energy, there is a mixture of fuel sources. Learn more

Question: Does FIU produce any alternative renewable energy?

Answer: Currently, FIU has solar photovoltaic panels on the roof of the SIPA building. It provides some energy to the building, but does not produce enough to power the entire building. It is more of a supplement to the purchased electricity. There are also small solar projects around campus including the lighted crosswalks and the pay-to-park stations.


Question: Does FIU have any alternatives to driving to school in my car?

Answer: Yes! There are many options available to FIU commuters. FIU currently has a free Carpool Program, discounted Miami Dade Transit Passes for students, shuttles between campus, and bike racks for bike commuters. You can learn more about all the options on the FIU Parking + Transportation website and the website.

Question: Does FIU support biking?

Answer: We think biking is a great option! Over the last couple years, FIU has expanded the convenience for bikes on campus. There are over 50 bike racks on the 3 main campuses; a full-time bike shop opened in Fall 2012, students, faculty, and staff can get their bikes fixed and purchase small accessories, check out the FIU Bike Shop website for more information. As the campus grows and expands the roadways, bike lanes will be added. Sharrows (a marking depicting cars and bikes must share the road) will be added to the parts of the road not yet wide enough for a bike lane. Also, in the future FIU will be applying to be certified as a Bike Friendly University. 


Question: What can be recycled at FIU?

Answer: Check out out Recycling topics page for information on what can and cannot be recycled on campus.

Question: Do I have to separate recycling?

Answer: No! FIU has Single-Stream Recycling which means all recyclable items can be placed in the same bin! No more separating! Learn more.

Question: Where does FIU's waste and recycling go?

Answer: FIU’s recycling and waste contractor is Waste Management Incorporated. The recycling is taken to their Reuter Recycling Facility in Pembroke Pines and the trash is taken to Medley landfill. 

Question: Does FIU have any "special" recycling programs?

Answer: Yes, FIU has special recycling streams for items that are not able to be recycled in the Single-Stream Program. Learn more about it here


Question: How does FIU irrigate the landscaping on campus?

Answer: All ground on campus are watered with rainwater collected and held in the many lakes and ponds on campus. Learn more

Question: Why are some of the lakes on campus a deep blue or green color?

Answer: FIU's lakes are smaller and stagnant making them more prone to algae growthA non-harmful dye is put in the lakes to prevent and slow algae growth by blocking UV rays from the sun. If algae blooms are left unattended and grow, they can severely harm the health of the lake and turn it anaerobic (no oxygen) which would harm the wildlife in them.


Question: What makes a building green?

Answer: Learn about it here

General Questions

Question: Where is the Office of University Sustainability located?

Answer: Visit our Contact Us page for maps and directions.

Question: How can I get involved with Sustainability at FIU?

Answer: Check out our Get Involved page for information about upcoming event, volunteer opportunities, internships, and more. 

Question: Does the Office of University Sustainability provide education or presentations?

Answer: The Office of University Sustainability is happy to set up a presentation or Nature Preserve tour to fit your needs. Fill out a Request Form.