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FIU Facilities Management has taken significant steps to reduce their environmental impact when operating and maintaining the campus and campus grounds.

Green Certified Foaming handwash:

  • Biodegradable soap

  • Free of all dyes means it is healthier for the user

  • Certified by Green Seal™

  • Automatic dispenser allows for less product waste

  • Packaged in contaminate free plastic

SofPull Toilet Paper System:

  • Unique design allows paper to be dispensed on the side of the system instead of the bottom eliminating contamination and reducing amount of product each user uses. 

  • Eliminates the cardboard roll that traditional toilet paper has

  • Packaged with 45% less waste than conventional toilet paper

EnMotion Paper Towel Dispensers:

  • Reduced paper towel usage by 30% through automatic dispensing

  • Paper towels are non-bleached and made from 100% recycled materials

  • EcoLogo® Certified

3M Green Seal Certified Cleaning Chemicals:

  • Chemicals are highly concentrated to maximize value and minimize wasteful containers

  • Accurate dispensing technology to reduce employee contact with chemical, Green Seal Certified™

Microfiber Cloths:

  • Staff uses microfiber cloths for cleaning which are highly durable

  • By switching to microfiber cloths from paper towels, the amount of waste was reduced

Recycling: FIU Housing has been able to increase recycling through some program additions

  • More recycling bins have been placed around the housing quad and in the loading docks. 

  • Waste Management Recycling Dumpsters were added to loading docks.

  • Recycling bins were added to every 1st floor lounge and laundry room of every residential hall

Laundry rooms: Laundry rooms in resident halls were recently upgraded by MacGray and are more energy & water efficient. 

  • Front load washers use 77% less water and 300% less detergent

  • Card-operated machines save 500 tons of CO2 per year versus coin machines, because coin deliveries and pick-ups are no longer required

  • MacGray purchased almost 3 million pounds of carbon offsets to make FIU's laundry rooms carbon neutral

  • Dryers are more energy efficient that previous dryers

  • Machines are self-diagnosing for more accurate response to errors


  • Vacuum cleaners are Environmentally Preferred and can be counted in credit EQ 3.7 of the LEED Green Building rating system

  • Old equipment is sent to auction with FIU surplus, and not discarded reducing waste and harmful materials that go to the landfill

Campus Ponds and Landscaping

All the ponds, lawns, and landscaping on campus are maintained by FIU Facilities Management and Aramark grounds.

Florida Friendly Landscaping

FIU has made major strides in recent years to incorporate more native plants into the landscaping throughout all of its campuses. With functional and attractive features like bioswales, native littoral zones, native butterfly gardens, and mangrove areas, FIU is providing much needed food, shelter, and breeding habitat for wildlife. Being well adapted to the south Florida climate, these plants require less irrigation and less maintenance.